asking and learning.

asking and learning.

To understand Supercycle Data Mining, a few neural connections are necessary. We try to explain the Supercycle ecosystem as simply as possible.

  • What is Supercycle?
  • What is the Supercycle Network?
  • What advantages does Supercycle offer?
  • What are iobits?
  • iobits legal
  • How are iobits created?
  • What is Supercycle Stream?
  • What is Gudix?
  • Where can I get iobits?
  • Where is the added value?
  • What can I do with iobits?
  • Do I always get profit?
  • Where can I return iobits?
  • Can I sell the iobits?
  • Is iobit a stablecoin?
  • Is there a limit?
  • What role does Bitcoin play?
  • what is intrinsic value?
  • Bitcoin VALUATION
  • Is a iobit a financial product?
  • can you earn money with iobits?
Supercycle is a website for sending and receiving depot-secured documents, structured like an e-mail inbox. Invoices and orders can be transferred. Transactions are streamed. Data streams are measured. The information obtained is converted into iobits. Iobits can be exchanged for Bitcoin. Most movements are automatically posted using server-client communication. By using Supercycle, a balance is defined as a spectrum for the first time.
The Supercycle network is a transaction network that regulates data traffic in the background. The network is virtual. It is based on building blocks. In total, the building blocks form an abstract space that can be accessed via Supercycle using authorization. We built a kind of digital island into this space with a separate, functioning ecosystem. The ecosystem is controlled by an algorithm and produces clean and natural growth. The algorithm runs autonomously.
Supercycle is resistant to economic fluctuations and compatible with different economic systems. If, in extreme cases, an economy collapses and new economic systems establish themselves, companies and private individuals have a better chance of surviving the transition unscathed. From this perspective, Supercycle offers economic security.

Supercycle captures economic pressure between central and decentralized systems and stabilizes it algorithmically. By using Supercycle, the network is powered like a power plant. This means that more sales are generated with Supercycle than without Supercycle.
iobits give Supercycle productive power. They arise from a closed and intelligently secured system, where they can be multiplied indefinitely. Only a small group of private individuals have access to iobits. Iobits stabilize the Supercycle ecosystem. They are designed for internal use only. Please store iobits with necessary care.

For developers
iobits are data packets that carry a part of something bigger. They carry networking information and can be loaded and moved. As a developer, you can use iobits as a digital-cryptographic data carrier and transport up to 16MB of encrypted data per unit. Iobits are ideally suited for e.g. IoT applications, encrypted communication, Web 4.0, and much more. Iobits are credits. 1 credit for 1 data packet.
Basically, nobody has the right to own iobits. Iobits are borrowed for an indefinite period. They are the property of Gudix and are to be used exclusively by the Gudix stabilization algorithm.

For economists
From an economist's perspective, iobits are native communication building blocks that are attached to documents to communicate them over the Supercycle network. The economic operator creates an order or invoice document. He should of course do this in his own business management and accounting systems. Blocks that are not used can be returned via Supercycle. The building blocks are devalued against Bitcoin.

Trademark License
Gudix is a registered trademark protected by law. Iobits include the right in the form of a license to use the Gudix brand, exchange it and create sublicenses. The brand owner is entitled to reclaim iobits.

Philistines have no right to hold iobits in any way and should of course return them anonymously. Philistines should, if possible, turn the worthless boat they are steering towards the waterfall. Iobit is not a cryptocurrency, currency, money or any other financial derivative.
iobits are the end product of the gudix® emergence. Gudix® Emergence is an algorithmic stabilization program that replicates and skims natural growth in digital form. Iobits are ordered systematically, allowing them to grow digitally. As soon as the iobits are ready, they are harvested and delivered automatically. The innovation is in the emergent development process and in the fact that it intervenes almost invisibly in economic processes via a second layer.
A stream is a time-stretched transaction packed with iobits. All streams together are the flow of the gudix® Emergence. Gudix® flows in one direction and transactions can be transferred to the flow via Supercycle and removed at another point with a higher value.
Gudix® is a digital and independent self-organization. An algorithmic set of rules that regulates the interaction between people, things and organizations, recording emerging growth and harvest it in the form of iobits.

iobits are rarely accessible. In theory, if you have access to a source, you should use it.
What is added value anyway? The added value is based on the performance that a company provides. It is related to productivity. Productivity is the transformation of existing goods into goods with a higher monetary value. Creating value is the goal of every business. Labor productivity accounts for a significant part of a company's productivity. Employees perform work and receive a wage for it. You trade time for money. If we ignore the money at this point, there is still time. People invest their time, which makes time a valuable commodity. Digital value creation is any value creation based on the use of digital technologies, in the sense of a genesis of value. Iobits are produced in a digital process in which time is evaluated and implied as an intrinsic value in an exchange medium called iobits.
As a developer, you can use the Supercycle network as a cross-platform communication service via the iobit processor.

As an Supercycle holder, you can sow iobits and harvest them in higher quantity. Current growth is 20%. Please note that this is a time-consuming process, i.e. it is not possible to predict how long it will take for the manufacturing process to be completed. It is emergent.

iobits are the basis for digital business models. Specific business applications can be created in the META area.
You will receive more and more iobits that you can exchange for Bitcoin. That's why it's important to take care, since iobits can be propagated.
You can return iobits to the Supercycle network at any time in the WALLET area using the RETURN button. The network devalues the iobits and transfers you Bitcoin in return, 4% of the value is destroyed in the process.
Yes, as a iobit owner you are entitled to sell the iobits. That would be even better, because we can then continue to use the bitcoins as a store of value to increase the intrinsic value of bitcoin and diligently reduce CO2 emissions. If you want to do something for the environment and benefit at the same time, we recommend that you have enough iobits so that you can see leads in the Supercycle area under OUTBOX. Leads are prospective buyers. If you sell via a lead, you not only receive the purchase price of your iobits, you also receive a 20% commission.
Gudix® is an algorithmically stabilized ecosystem and a legally protected trademark. Iobit is a digital-cryptographic data carrier secured with Bitcoin. Iobit is not a stablecoin. A stablecoin is related to the financial sector. Gudix® has no relation to the financial sector. We stabilize the performance with the help of Bitcoin, which we need on a technical basis to secure and evaluate the iobits.
This question is mainly asked by users who want to weigh up the risk. We designed Supercycle to the best of our knowledge and belief. Minimum risk and maximum success. Of course, we are always happy when we are informed of potential for optimization. According to the current state of affairs, we cannot identify any technical risks. The servers could theoretically overload. The current availability is 99.998%. We are not protected from solar winds and the end of the world either 😉

In principle, we do not offer any financial products or financial advice. We try to capture the value of time and protect the environment with an innovative algorithm. The question of the quantitative limit would be a question of the end of information technology, resp. the end of communication itself. Supercycle is a borderless communication network.
Bitcoin plays a technical and ecological role.

iobits embody information. Information is communicated from person to person, person to computer or computer to computer. The recipient of information has to expend energy in order to interpret, understand and store the information. We can calculate and acknowledge this energy. We acknowledge them with Proof-of-Work, which we implemented using Bitcoin and our own mechanism.

As a nice side effect, we can conceptually reuse the power guzzler Proof-of-Work. This reduces the Bitcoin production costs. The electricity requirement to secure the Bitcoin network is reduced, which leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. We can add the reduction in CO2 to the intrinsic value of the iobits. By operating the Supercycle, we create a positive CO2 footprint.
Core value structures create inward value. This type of value is called inner or intrinsic value. For example, the intrinsic value of a brand influences product prices. Customers are willing to pay more for a product if the product is associated with a brand. In order to generate and measure basic values, measures, strategies and systems are necessary. This value-adding mechanism is used by Gudix®.

In our case, the intrinsic value is what gudix® can produce algorithmically. The intrinsic value is the difference between INPUT and OUTPUT.

More on this in the BITCOIN VALUATION section.
This topic is complex. Think deep.

Everything is subject to the principle of cause and effect. This principle can be mapped algorithmically. It is well illustrated by algorithmic stablecoins. An algorithm controls the amount of coins in such a way that supply and demand stabilize at a fixed price as a result.

Gudix is similar in principle. An algorithm guarantees stability. The value of financial assets is not stabilized. Rather, it is about primitive, inner values that are connected to each other. A specialized neural network is required to capture these values.

If Bitcoin is used as a store of value and the right to Bitcoin is transferred instead, decentralization is exchanged for centralization. A price has not yet been paid at this point. Instead, at a deeper level, the intrinsic weight of decentralization is lost unnoticed. This is the intrinsic value of Bitcoin. The task of an algorithmic ecosystem is to recognize imbalances and to restore the balance.

In order to balance the abstract imbalance, intrinsic values must also be evaluated on the centralized side. Here it helps to assess inflation. Inflation as a result of comparing money creation and value creation within a market economy. Inflation as an internal parameter on the central side can be coordinated either by monetary policy measures or by value creation. Monetary policy is a matter of state. Our algorithm can only rely on value creation.

The devaluation through inflation underpins the inner imbalance of an ecosystem in which centralized and decentralized subsystems are permitted. Since monetary policy measures scale, there is no scalable value creation on the central side to restore an overall system balance. In theory, scalable value creation is the algorithmic tool to restore balance.

A property of scaling is exponential growth. Exponential growth can be generated digitally through networking. Neural networks are particularly suitable for this. A neural network is the basis for artificial intelligence. The question is therefore whether artificial intelligence can create added value. Since digital value creation is accepted, we accept this right for digital, neural networks. In simple terms, this means that intelligence represents added value and this can be scaled through digitization.

In order for the algorithm to start its work, it is necessary for the value creation to be commissioned. In this case, like when an order is transferred to a company, an order is placed to the neural network. This starts to work, creates new neural connections, grows and thus creates the scalable added value to balance the inner imbalance of the ecosystem.

This type of added value is new. It has to be added together for the economy as a whole. More added value leads to a monetary policy reaction, as the inflation account suddenly shows enormous added value, which in turn is deflationary in a special way, but in favor of added value. This means that the monetary policy goals of inflation are being achieved and at the same time an additional force is at work. We call this asymmetric deflation. Inflation and asymmetric deflation work in parallel and turn into an upward spiral. In theory, that would mean infinite global growth. The end of capitalism.
No and it never will be. The entire value chain has no connection to financial products and is still valuable.
We have no points of contact with the financial market. Money is the indication of the contained value of an object. The value construct, the inner value, is rooted at a deeper level and is primitive. The financial sector is based on these value systems, which we subvert algorithmically. Money is a product of money creation. Value is a product of value creation. We operate asymmetric and synergetic value creation through an algorithmic stabilization program. This means that we currently only generate value from those things that burden us. What is the value of breathing less CO2? What is the value of the time we have left? On this basis we generate iobits. Iobits are inward value. On a technical basis, they contain Bitcoin and embody the right to growth. You can devalue iobits and receive Bitcoin in return. Bitcoin can be exchanged for currency on an exchange.


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